Breathtaking French kisses

As best friends, we didn’t just share friendship and secrets. We also shared the bed together. There were few taboos between us. We even slept in the same bed together, whether we were naked or not. We had also cuddled and smooched. Back when we were younger, we even masturbated together. Last night I stayed with Sofia, my best friend. She was a blonde and looked absolutely gorgeous.

The night before we had seen “Fifty Shades of Grey.” That had heated us both up quite a bit. We saw the film in their large marital bed. Why a marriage bed at all? She had no boyfriend, was neither engaged nor married. Sofia was really sweet… as a wife and also as a friend. The apartment was large, it had four rooms and was actually way too expensive for Sofia, but it had a balcony and large windows in the living room.

I had just woken up. I was just wearing one of her white nightgowns with gray eyes on it. She was into silhouettes. The sun led me into the living room where I could look out the large window. Sofia was still completely naked in bed.

At some point I heard the tapping of her bare feet on the laminate. I turned around but I didn’t see her. Then I looked out the window again. Later she came out from behind the corner, only wearing a coarse-meshed knit sweater that was much too short and wool cuffs on her legs. I looked at her and laughed: “Gauntlets? Are you serious? They’re so out!”

Sofia came to me and said: “I think she’s sexy!” We hugged and she kissed me on the mouth. Good morning, sunshine!” she said and asked what I thought of the film. I turned around and she put her arms around me. “Do you really want to talk about the film now? Wouldn’t we rather have a coffee?” Sofia laughed and held me tightly in her arms. “Are you serious?” she breathed into my neck.

“I just got out of bed! I’m hot and I want sex!” Wow, she hadn’t said that in a long time. When she kissed my neck I knew she was serious. “What? Now?” I asked. “What now?” said Sofia. “We both just got out of bed! A study has proven that the best time to have sex is in the morning!” I sighed and felt her kissing her way up my neck. “

Why don’t you tell me how things went with your guy? Didn’t you want to have a sexy photo taken?” she asked and gently touched my chest. Then she pulled down the nightgown and caressed my chest. With a few kisses down my neck, she had me. She knew full well that this excited me. “Sofia!” I admonished her. “Babsi!” Sofia sighed. “Has anyone ever told you how hot you look in that nightgown?”

Then she played with my nipples. They were immediately stiff. I turned around and pushed her onto the sofa. “It’s okay!” I rolled my eyes. “I’ll tell you!” I said, revealing what she wanted to know…

He was actually quite sweet. I knew him from the internet. He wanted to take hot photos of me. And yet he was a total pervert… He wanted to take pictures of my pussy… my ass and my tits. I actually thought that erotic photos never really show the naked eye and make you think. He was nice. I let him in and offered him a coffee. Then I changed my clothes. I came out of the bathroom wearing gray almost knee-high leather boots. I also wore a bra and panties in a Puma look. The panties had black lace on the side.

At first I just stretched around and Andreas, that was his name, started taking pictures. I have this little sideboard and the mirror with a seat next to it. I sat and held my legs up. Andreas was completely in his element. Then I knelt up and turned to the mirror. I saw myself in the skimpy clothes and then Andreas taking a photo of me.

I had fun and showed him my ass. Then I lifted my panties aside and slipped my hand underneath me. I pushed my fingers between my legs and rubbed them against my pussy lips. Then he started cheering me on: “Yes, Monique! Show me! Give it your all!” It sounded like he was cheering on a football game. I pushed my finger between my labia and sighed: “Look closely!”

I inserted it…deeper and lower and lowered my head. Then I pushed my finger back and forth. Andreas was thrilled. It felt like 300 photos that he must have taken. I noticed that he really got off on things like that, but didn’t turn me on. When I pulled the finger out of me again, it must have been really wet, I turned around and immediately started taking off my bra. It already flew in front of him. Then I sat on the seat and played with my panties. I pushed him aside and played with my clit. Now I was becoming more and more excited. I was hot. Then I put my legs together again and pretended to be innocent. He liked that. Then I played with the mirror while standing and pushed my panties to the side again.

I showed him what he wanted to see… a wet shaved pussy… I took off my panties and sat back down. I leaned back and massaged my clit with pleasure, which wasn’t exactly quiet. Then I lifted your hand under my thigh and finger fucked myself…

“So?” Sofia asked. “He definitely had a massive boner, didn’t he?” I laughed: “Yes, I thought he would be able to jump out of a pair of pants straight away! I then finished the whole thing and asked him for the CD with the pictures.” Sofia looked at me in shock and asked, “What, you didn’t let me fuck you?” I sat next to her with my legs apart and said: “Of course not! I wanted him to come again!” Sofia laughed and spread her legs. “What? Did that make you hot?” I asked and reached between her legs.

She sighed and then purred as I touched her most private parts with my fingers. She threw me back and I fell on the sofa with my legs apart. Then she pushed her head between my legs and started licking me. “What about drinking coffee?” I asked, putting up with these caresses. I started to sigh and pushed my body towards her, where she then gently penetrated me with a finger. “You really are a stupid bitch!” I cursed with lust in my body.

When she pulled her finger out of me, I threw her on her back and came all over her. I kissed her and then smacked my way down her neck to her stomach. I opened my eyes again and said: “Now I’ll lick you until you come!” Said and done! I lifted my head between her legs and started licking her thoroughly. She was really hot and really wet. I was targeting her clit. I sucked on her little pearl until, after many minutes, she actually twitched loudly and really. I quickly put her leg up and straddled my legs between them until I had pushed myself between her legs. My pussy slapped against hers and I grabbed her hands to pull her towards me. I moved my pelvis. The desire in Sofia only gradually faded away.

She ran her fingers through her hair and looked at me. “You’re crazy!” she said and suggested making some coffee…

Later we were on the balcony. Sofia was already standing outside in a mint-colored T-shirt and panties of the same color. She had given me a T-shirt in the same color and also a pair of panties. She leaned over the 13th floor balcony railing and said, “That was really nice! Did you enjoy your coffee?” Two cups of coffee, that felt good. I came to the balcony and looked at her. “It’s been a long time since we did something like this!” I said.

“Do you regret it?” Sofia asked and kissed me on the mouth as I stood in front of her. I shook my head and French kissed myself. Then she touched my cheek and asked: “Jeez! Do you actually know how pretty you are with your dark hair?” Then she kissed me again and pushed me in front of her so that she could lean with my bottom against the outside wall. That was Sofia with her blonde, slightly curly hair. She hugged me from behind and whispered in my ear: “That wasn’t the only time you took pictures with this Andreas, was it?” She lifted my shirt and massaged my tits.

“Come on, sweetie! Give me more!” she breathed in my ear and took off my shirt. I promptly turned around and lifted her shirt to kiss her breasts. A few wild French kisses and her shirt flew, then her panties and she sat down on the camping chair. I braced myself with my arms on the balcony railing and stared outside…

What do you want to hear? That the next time I went on a date with him I was only wearing panties and a studded belt? It was not my fault. He was lying on my bed in his jeans and t-shirt. And usually there is almost never a guy on my bed. So I knelt in front of him and looked at him. “Will you show me again?” he asked, waiting for an answer. “What?” I asked. “How do I do it to myself?” He nodded. “You seem to enjoy watching, huh?” I teased him, lying on my back. I willingly spread my legs and looked at him. “Would you like me to help you with that?” he asked uncertainly and pushed his fingers onto my black panties. I grabbed his hand and said, “But be gentle! Clear?”

Andreas nodded and let my hand guide his fingers, first on the thin black panties, then underneath.

I turned onto my right side and lifted my left leg up to my chest. He had already pulled down his panties and was stroking me very gently between my legs with his fingertips. I closed my eyes and sighed, “Ohhh, that’s nice!”

He then pulled the panties off my legs and I turned back to place my legs slightly apart. Andreas looked at me and asked: “How often do you do masturbation like that?” I grinned and said: “Like three to four times a day!” Then he was surprised and said: “I only once, but that was over a week ago. Then I pushed my fingers between my legs again and showed my clitoris. I rubbed it very gently with my finger and got it Lust.

“Look closely!” I said. “Then you know where and how I like it best!” He watched me and my legs fell further and further apart. Then I looked at him and stopped massaging my clitoris before I got louder. I asked him to come closer. He was now sitting in front of my legs. “How? Me?” he asked. “Come and lick me!” I said. Very hesitantly he came between my legs and started to lick me. “Maybe I’ll reward you

afterwards!” I panted and let myself be licked extensively. At least he was tender. I moaned loudly and it was clear to me that even Andreas wasn’t completely calm with my pleasure. He had a fat erection the whole time, which was evident from a bulge on his jeans. I broke the whole thing as he sucked on my pearl. Really coming might have shocked him. He lay back and asked stupidly: “Did I do something wrong?” I shook my head and smiled: “No! It’s just… I’m very sensitive about it. You really really appealed to me. It was nice, but we don’t know each other that well yet! Did you at least like it?” He looked sheepishly at the bed. I had gotten so wet that his face was really shiny.

I crawled over his legs and opened his pants. Then I had his hard thing in my hand. I caressed it too a gentle hand massage. I licked his glans and the underside of his shaft. He knelt up and I got on all fours. Then I pushed his hard-on with my lips and let it between my lips. Very slowly I pushed my mouth forward and back again. This went on for quite a while,

I braced myself on his thighs and pulled my mouth off his cock. “Yeah… just let it come!” I said and pushed my mouth back onto his cock. I kept his head in my mouth and licked around it with my tongue when he suddenly came and served me his warm sperm in my mouth.

I pulled my lips away from his hardness and swallowed it. He was completely exhausted. He was really panting when he came.

I looked at Sofia, who was just playing around with herself. “Would you like me to help you?” I asked and sat down next to her. We cuddled a little more and went back inside…

Sofia wanted to rummage around in the closet a little more and found black hold-up nylon stockings. “What is it?” she asked, throwing a few at me. “Shall we put these on? They sure look cool!” she said and wrapped her legs in the black nylons. I gave in and thought maybe she was right. I also liked nylon stockings. So we stood in her bedroom completely naked, only with the nylons on our legs. Sofia pulled a gold vibrator out of her bedside drawer and positioned herself in front of me.

“I could have gotten it for you too!” Sofia grinned and turned it down to the lowest setting. A slight hum could be heard. “What? With that?” I asked, looking at her. Sofia said: “Don’t you have one? You don’t know how nice it is!” She wiped my chest with the slightly still cool vibrating vibrator. “That tickles!” I laughed and winced. “Come on!” Sofia said and pulled me onto the bed, where she immediately lay on her back and bent her legs so that her feet were together at the foot. “Why don’t you try it?” she asked and asked me to stroke her with the vibrator.

She immediately got goosebumps as I ran the slightly vibrating toy over her breasts and stomach. “I can easily have an orgasm in my hand!” I laughed and headed for her love triangle to vibrate on her labia. “Come on, Babsi! Push it in!” she asked me. I had to get under her left leg,

I helped with my tongue to lick the labia wetly and put the little rat on it. Very slowly I pushed it a little bit into her, whereupon she yelped: “Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss——- and now tell me how Andreas fucked you. He did, didn’t he?” She squeezed my hand and pushed the vibrator all the way inside her. I held him at the end and heard this quiet hum and Sofia’s panting. I started to talk…

I don’t even remember how it all happened. It was already late and I folded out the sofa. Then I got bedding and Andreas went to take a shower. I had already showered and joined him on the sofa that had been converted into a bed. We snuggled up under the covers.

I didn’t realize until the next morning that he was naked in his dressing gown and I was only in a very skimpy turquoise nightgown with spaghetti straps and no panties. We watched TV for quite a long time and eventually fell asleep. Luckily he was under the covers. The dressing gown was open, of course, but the blanket covered him up to his stomach.

I was lying half on top of him, basically in his arms. I woke up and looked at him. I didn’t dare move at all, but he woke up shortly after me. Then I stroked his cheek and said, “Good morning!” Then he wanted to kiss me, but I turned my cheek towards him and then got my good morning kiss on the cheek. He ran his fingertips over my thigh. “Do you always wear so much?” he asked, laughing. “Would you like me to take it off for you?” I asked, pulling my straps down so he could see my breasts.

The nightgown hung on my hips. When he started fingering between my legs, I stood up and asked, “Do you want a glass of milk too?” I got out of bed and poured us an ice cold glass of milk. Then I crawled back into bed. I gave him the glass of cold milk and he sipped it.

I took a sip and splashed the cold milk over my chest. “Should I lick it?” he asked, licking my left breast gently. I lifted my left leg and immediately felt his warm fingers on the underside of my thigh as he gently sucked my nipple. Then we made out. His nimble fingers moved further between my legs.

By the time he entered me with a finger, I was already completely wet. It excited me. He started fingering me and I slid flatter and flatter onto the bed and put my legs up. Then I felt his tongue as he pulled his finger out of me. I had incredible feelings and slowly turned onto my right side. He caressed my bare skin. At some point I knelt and had the chance to undo the belt on his dressing gown. He peeled his arms out of the thing and then I grabbed his hard-on. A morning latte like that was something nice.

I licked his cock and blew him. There was no time to lose because he couldn’t get any stiffer. I crawled over him and sat on his cock. Then I lifted my pelvis a little and reached behind me with my hand to direct his hard cock in the right direction.

As wet as I was, he immediately slipped into me. All I had to do was sit down. I felt how fast it was happening and got off him to kneel next to him. “Come on, Andreas! Fuck me!” I hissed and wiggled my butt. He positioned himself behind me and gave me a few really hard thrusts, then he was already panting with pleasure. I just managed to turn onto my back and he came with his hard-on in my face.

“Oh shit! That’s quick!” he panted with his cock in the wall. I placed my lips on his glans and let the glans disappear between my lips. I had my legs up and grabbed his free hand. I put his fingers on my clit and then he massaged it while he jerked off vigorously with his other hand. When I felt the throbbing in his cock, I opened my mouth. His cock was on my tongue. He poured himself onto my tongue and at the same time gave me a wonderful orgasm on my clit.

Suddenly I heard Sofia moaning and panting heavily. “That’s it! There’s nothing left!” I said, not knowing what she wanted from me.

Then I understood that she was about to cum. She twitched and writhed with pleasure. Then it happened. The rattlesnake had done it. I pulled the thing out of her and lay on my back. “That took forever!” I laughed. “I already have a cramp in my hand!” She had taken the vibrator from me and was holding it up. It was still vibrating at the highest level. Fully excited and willing, I put my legs up like I did with Andreas and let Sofia have free rein. I hadn’t thought that you could come quickly…

There we were, lying on the bedside table with a soaking wet vibrator, both naked on the bed and clinging to each other. I ruffled Sofia’s blonde hair. She gently stroked my stomach with her fingertips. “It was nice, wasn’t it?” Sofia asked. “And how…!” I sighed. Then she started to talk…

You know Jule, my new roommate, right? She’s really cute, don’t you think?

“Sofia! You’ve found Jule cute since she moved in with you!” I sighed and enjoyed stroking my stomach.

Yes, but don’t you think that she finally needs to be fucked properly? She doesn’t have a boyfriend and is becoming more and more cheeky. I got myself a new toy so it might work. What do you think? I definitely don’t want to do this without you. So say something!

I looked at Sofia and said: “Ah… now I understand! So that Scrabble game the other day wasn’t just a board game! It was an attempt to screw us both over?!” Sofia looked at me with wide eyes. “You know I love you, right?” she asked. I nodded. Then she continued…

You looked so hot in your short jeans dress and Jules’ hairband was really cute. Not to mention the cute striped tank dress. Did you see how tight the top was? She has really great breasts and that ash blonde doesn’t bother me at all. Your face was best when Jule and I had only spoken words of a sexual nature. That she could even spell “cunnilingus.” You weren’t bad with your “fellatio” either. But it got on your nerves and when we both lifted the board and the pieces flew through the air, at first I thought you were mad that you had lost.

“No!” I said and continued: “I just felt this excitement from you two and wanted to put an end to it all. That went completely wrong, because I was the stupid one who ended up lying between you undressed!” Sofia grinned at me and gave me a kiss on the mouth.

True, but lost was just lost. You knew the loser had to take off his clothes. Be happy that we demanded this and took it on for you. And now don’t say we weren’t nice to you. We loved you very much. We caressed you and kissed you, made you feel love…

“Hello?” I said to Sofia. “You licked me to climax while Jule sucked on my tits. She also pushed her tongue down my throat! It’s just a shame that you didn’t tell me what happened next in the evening, because I was in time gone!” I complained and heard from Sofia how it turned out…

Well, afterward, all three of us lay naked on the living room floor. The game pieces were lying around everywhere and when they moved they hurt his back and Jule complained that it hurt. Instead of collecting the stones, she stood up and said: “A floor like that is really hard, isn’t it?” Naked as she was, she walked into her room and opened the last two moving boxes. I stalked behind her like an idiot and saw her spreading the contents of both boxes on her bed. She gave me something bigger and softer. “That’s a sleeping bag for two people!” I said. Jule grinned. Then she gave me a black two-piece suit and took some clothes from the bed herself. “Try it on!” she said.

Unsuspecting, I put on the black crop top and slipped into the lace thong.

She looked at me and said: “Fits! You can keep it!” She herself slipped into an even skimpier thong and a semi-transparent negligee. Jule grabbed the sleeping bag and went into the dining room. Our kitchenette was too small. She put the sleeping bag on the ground and said, “We’re going camping in our own apartment!” I looked at Jule and shook my head. “What?” asked Jule and poured us both a glass of champagne. I clinked glasses with her and drank the champagne with me. “Shall we sit down?” she asked. We sat down on the sleeping bag that was spread out. “Yes, sorry! But I can hardly ask if I can sleep in your bed when I have my own!” said Jule and sipped her glass, “Although yours is now full of clothes!”, remarked I right. Then she started making out with me. You’re right, her French kisses are breathtaking.

As quickly as we put the clothes on, we got rid of them again. We smooched, cuddled, kissed each other. I was allowed to lick her. She really tasted like more. She let her fingers play and at some point I pulled the sleeping bag over us and fell asleep tightly wrapped around her.

That’s how I looked when I woke up in the morning, completely naked, on top of my roommate in a sleeping bag on the laminate dining room floor.

“I knew it!” I said and looked at her. “Oh come on, Babsi!” said Sofia. “We’re pretending to have a movie night and I’m bringing my new toy. I make sure you’re not the stupid one this time!” said Sofia…

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